My Room Also Tells Me Things

I like to think that the objects in my room have deeper implications. For example: people don't just see that you have a collection of bouncy balls in the corner. They judge you. Here are a few things in my room that say a little more about me.

The first thing that visitors pass by in my room is a 24" x 19" guerilla art piece that I found on 9th East. It hangs proudly on my wall. It's an acrylic painting of a woman's face that is flat with dark lines around the edges her face and hair. The words "Dogs Suck" and "design" flank her nose. I like to think that this work is a combination of a sloppy Lichtenstein with a little stylistic hint of the early fauves. This object tells me that I can find beauty in uncommon things and that I like eccentricity. It could also mean that I have really bad taste. Whatever.

My desk is built into this nice little dished out space in my wall. My favorite things on my desk right now are my 10% off coupon anything at the GAP, an art book that is an observational study of wiener dogs sleeping (by David Hockney), and my computer that looks like this:

The GAP card tells me that I'm thrifty. The dog book shows that I have a tender heart. I think that the color green on my computer shows that I am compassionate and that I have lots of energy. It's kind of a sexy color, huh?

Next, there is a white baker's rack that I turned into a makeshift bookshelf. My shelf consists of authors like: Nick Hornby, Daniel Gilbert, Barry Schwartz, Jack Kerouac , Betty Smith, Mary Shelly, Pablo Neruda, Chaim Potok, Orson Scott Card, George Orwell, Walter Scott, Joseph Heller, Douglas Adams, J.K. Rowling, Charlotte Bronte and Chuck Palahniuk. I have this thing with owning books. Checking them out from the library just doesn't work because at some point I have to give them back. This bookshelf tells me that I am a person who believes in raising literary capital.

About 2 feet away from the shelf sits my dresser that I MADE. It's tall with four large drawers and two small drawers for miniature things—like socks. On top of it sits my Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion (with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang). This is aptly placed next to my rather brawny 2008 GMAT prep book. These things tell me that I am busy and cranky.

Lastly, there is a 'Zoom Groom' which is my cat's blue rubbery brush thing. I have never even picked it up. You see, my room used to belong to my brother until just recently. My cat and my brother have an eternal adoration for each other and now that my brother is gone my cat has no reason to be this room at all. As a result, he never gets groomed. I'm not a huge fan of cats. I do make an exception, though, when occasionally I find him dreaming peacefully with his tongue out.

A reminder of my tender heart.
And yes, I do have a collection of bouncy balls.


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