Halloween Dream

Thinking of this year’s Halloween day makes me really energized and anxious. My friends are big Halloween enthusiasts. Not only do my friends have the finest and most extreme costumes, they also host the finest and most extreme parties.

My Halloween schedule follows a strict yearly tradition. Every year I can expect warm chili and candy with Tanya for Halloween dinner. There’s always lots of picture taking on the Vistaunet porch (to make sure every costume is well documented). After that we all proceed to a wild dance party with good friends. I can't wait.

This brings me to this next topic: my costume. I don't like the idea of dressing up in some broad, everyone-can-be-this-and-it-has-no-personal-touch-whatsoever, costume. Costumes need to fit your look, hair, size, face, and personality. I will admit, I am guilty of the last-minute witch. But this year, I've got it down. I've been thinking long and hard. I've taken my characteristics into consideration. I'm small, brown, I have dark hair, brown eyes, and I'm a little mysterious.
The result is...

From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .
To make matters perfect, Phillip is going to be This:

I'm glad he agreed to it--the only other option was The Wonder Twins

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Kristin Joy said...

I like the way you are thinking about Halloween.