Thanks to some good friends, I now have another great idea for a Halloween costume:

Yeah, it's Frida Kahlo. It's easy, all I'll need to do is pull my hair up, wrap some vines in it, and glue a fake mustache onto my forehead. I'll need a lot of red lipstick too. Come to think of it, a monkey would be good to have as well. I think it would really "complete," the look. I'll talk to Phillip about it.

Roy? Frida? Suggestions would be helpful.


Marlsven said...

Either one seems okay to me, as long as it has an appropriate and tasteful amount of sluttiness to it. Isn't that the rule for girls' costumes nowadays?

Stephanie said...

Glad to see you're back in the blogging world!

I'm not glad to see you haven't changed your profile picture, or your unrefined comments.

Amanda Barrett said...

If you're going to be Frida, Phil has to be Diego Rivera hahahahaha.

Phillip said...

Or else Leo Tolstoy. Or another woman.