Free Time

Today I had about 20 minutes where I didn't have to do anything. After a long day of practically non-stop academic reasoning the last thing I needed was free time--free time that would require me to reason even more for something to fill those moments with. I decided not to fret about what assignments I could work on. Instead, I found an empty corner of couches, pulled up foot rest and turned on the light screen of my laptop. I wanted to find pictures that could illustrate what my mind was feeling like right then because I was having a hard time describing it. Nothing could get close to what I thought it looked or felt like. I shifted my focus and decided to look for pictures of what I wanted my mind to feel like. Then I found this, and I stared at it for the remaining 13 minutes until my next class.

The picture is by Spencer Finch. And still, right now, it makes me happy to picture my mind as if it were a cloud of clustered balloons: buoyant and breezy.

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