Harry and Me, We Go Way Back

I decided to get over my lasting dispute (1998 -2008) against trendy things and produce a healthy interest in the Harry Potter series. Yes, yes, I know you're asking yourself, but what weighty contemplation made you change the concentrated frame of mind? Let me tell you: nothing. I just decided to read them one day.

Anyway, that one day is now a few days ago and now (today) I am a little more than halfway through the third book. I made a poor decision last night and let Harry Potter get to me. I spent my first few critical sleeping hours wide-eyed next to my lamp, reading. Mistake. Not only did I wake up tired from the lack of sleep, but I also had the most terrible dreams about dementors! Yeah, I said dementors. But I feel like I handled the nightmare pretty well. I just sat there and watched the thing mosey around my new room. I didn't move a muscle so it never noticed me or my delicious soul.

That wasn't the first time I stayed cool during nightmare. Once, I had this dream where a ghost was standing at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night. Some voice told me that the ghost's name was Minerva, and that Minerva wanted to talk to me. Although I was VERY frightened, I raised my eyebrow to indicate that I was not happy being woken up in the middle of the night and casually said to the ghost, "You know…not today." Then the ghost was gone.

My finest hour.

When I woke up, I actually felt kind of foolish. What if it was the ghost of Minerva Tiechert!? The artist!? I would never think of saying no to her!

I’ll never know.


Jeff Call said...

I can't believe you gave Minerva Teichert the cold shoulder! What is that?!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you gave Professor McGonagall the cold shoulder! What is that?!