Love Appreciation

Inside the spirit of love there lies a list. This list. A list of the not-so-well-known things that I love.

I love my red Moleskine planner. My entire life is laid out neatly page by page in this red book. I take it with me everywhere. Here she is.

I love our new camera that took this picture of my planner.

I love how my friends are artistic and sarcastic. We have the most amazing conversations and watch the best movies.

I love tomatoes. I say this because I used to hate them. Now, I can't wait to try new recipes with tomatoes--bruschetta, roasted tomato basil soup, caprese salad, you name it. I love how smooth and red they are. Just the other day I was nearing the last bite of a hamburger and all that was left was a moderate piece of a tomato nestled between the buns. It was luscious.

I love Berkley's blog. I wish she would blog more because every time she doesn't I reread all of her old posts over and over. Does anybody else feel the same way?

I love how, given 10 years of tweezing my eyebrows, nobody told me that my eyebrows were ridiculously asymmetrical.

Nobody. Not even the internet was man enough to tell me that one. I'm just glad I was able to keep and maintain friends (not to mention get into the business school) with those things. I am also glad that I was vain enough to take these pictures of my face yesterday to see the damage myself. The camera never lies--the mirror does lie, obviously, since it told me they were symmetrical all these years.

I love Phillip's reasoning:

Me: Why didn't you ever tell me my eyebrows were like this?
Him: Uh, I didn't know you could change those things...

I should not part my hair with a red scripture pencil. This isn't something I love, but rather, something I would love to not do again. Now it just looks like I have a long red scab down the middle of my part. Oh well. All in the spirit of Valentine's Day, right?


Becca said...

you know i got my eyebrows waxed one time, and I complained how I could never get my brows match and the woman doing them said, "eyebrows are sisters, not twins."

your brows look like sisters.

i love planners, but don't use mine as much as the free calender magneted to the fridge.

I am a recent new reader of berkley's blog. i love said blog. but she doesn't really know me = i'm a blog stalker = weird. so I hesitate to continue reading...but it's just too good.

Amanda Stewart said...

girl, your eyebrows look fine! I would never notice.