Don't Get the Wrong Idea

I want a Mom haircut and I want it bad.

Let me explain.

When a non-mom steps into the realm of motherhood her love for her baby overpowers her love for her hair and before you know it some 8-inches of hard earned hair are gone. The new style is a between the chin and shoulders length (or even above your chin if you had a really hard labor experience). It's new, sleek, and looks clean and professional as if to say, "I manage a family of three and I look great."

I want to feel that way too.

I know what you might be thinking right now so let me make this as clear as possible--no estoy embarazada. The fact that I like to wear loose blouses that could double as maternity clothes probably doesn't help either. That's beyond the point. They're just really comfortable. That's also beyond the point. I just want short hair.

Anyway, I haven't found the fresh courage to go chop my hair off just yet. I have to weigh the pros (maybe it will look awesome, maybe I won't have to use so much shampoo) and cons (maybe it will look terrible, maybe people will think I am expecting--how would I give back all the baby gifts!?)

Maybe I'll just do it.

I think I'll keep wearing my loose shirts and get a sexy Mom haircut. Maybe I can get me some presents.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I would totally give you a present. Mom cuts are HOT. -Talisa

Amanda Stewart said...

soo funny. just do it! you have been thinking about it for so long! and then donate your hair. it is prob thick enough to make 2 wigs! haha