The Best Day

Here is Phillip's version of our wedding day in the worst possible grammar (this was the assignment for his advanced writing class). It's very touching.

ps. Phillip had to write with poor grammar on purpose--that was the assignment. In reality, he is one of the best writers I know.

At the present time, my best day would probably have to be when the ringing of the wedding bells came and the marriage of I and my wife found a beginning. On this day, although not only on this day, there were a lot of smiles, a lot of laughs, and a lot of happy tears of joy. With regard to the anticipation for the big day, nothing had before been, nor has since been, nor likely will have been, worse. The night before the event was a sleepless one, owing, as it were, to the nervous and happy thoughts which were, at the time, in a state of disarray and confusion in my head, leaving me without rest. But there exists in the human body a need for sleep, and so it was with me that night. Breakfast was hastily consumed after alertness was achieved. A great deal of things had the potential to have happened in a manner detrimental to the joyous proceedings of the momentous day, but as luck would have it there was only one such event that was fated to have occurred: upon arrival at the temple, the location-to-be of the wedding, the discovery was made that the recommend of my mother had been left at the house. Upon the timely conclusion of the aforementioned setback, the proceedings which have been previously referenced continued in all their joyousness.

It is of no stretch of the imagination to say that, truly, the saying could have been given, by whoever initially gave it only with regard to the occurrence of the matrimonial ceremony, that ‘truly, these were times never to be forgotten.’


Anonymous said...

We're confused. Was he supposed to write it in the worst possible grammer??

Stephanie said...

YES. That was the assignment. I cleared that up in the post to make sure people don't think phillip writes that terribly!