the REAL power of love

This week millions of dollars are going to be spent on flowers. Eight days later those flowers will be dead. I am starting to rethink this whole Valentine's Day thing. Cupid, what a tool.

Husband, this one's for you.

Instead of spending (y)our hard earned dollar bills on overpriced flowers (that I will have to watch shrivel up into a lifeless grime), how about spending our Valentine's money on something more meaningful and long-lasting. Like a cardigan, or a new lamp for our night table.

I love my grandma's enormous table lamp with the faux fur lining around the edge of the massive lamp shade. Don't get me wrong, but I think we should consider something a little less, let me think, antediluvian? Just imagine it. February 14th we spend all day going to dozens of stores in search of a smaller lamp with great price-to-quality ratio. Then, we would argue for a half hour on what color of lampshade to get. You'll want a plain one. I'll want one that is impractical but a good conversation starter. Then, every time we turn our new lamp on we could say something like, "the power of love." It could be our first family tradition. It's just an idea--a very romantic idea.

Or we could just surround ourselves with things we love (including the money we will save). We could invite our closest friends and family over to play Pandemic or BANG!, and make jokes while we eat bruschetta and chocolate covered pretzels. We could even talk about the book we would have just finished reading for our book group. That sounds like a fitting way to spend Valentine's Day. Let's do this instead.

We can just buy a lamp online later that day.


Stephanie Marie said...

Haha, yes! Exactly!

Blog twins!

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