The Anatomy of a Poop Machine

The poop machine got to spend the weekend with us.

He thinks she is as a pillow. She thinks he is a pooper scooper.

Behold, her head.

She melts into any surface.

Ten thousand belly rubs would not satisfy her.

Such poise.

Such grace.

Compare her face to this piece of work.

We plan to own a certified poop machine of our own someday. Until that day, she gets to enjoy us on the weekends.


Ginny said...

where did you get this dog??? so cutie cute cute. how is married life dear?

Stephanie said...

Ginny! So glad to hear from you. Married life is grand. Keep posting! I like to see what artsy things you are doing these days.

Oh, this dog belongs to my in-laws. They are kind enough to let us borrow her every once in a while.