Sales Idol (WINNER!)

Sales Idol is a part of my amazing star-wars-themed sales class. This class is something else.
For starters, it is taught by Master Bone. He is the greatest business professor in the Marriott School. Master Bone teaches us to use the force in B2B sales. Tuesday he put our Jedi training to the test.

It goes like this.

Eight contestants sign up.

Each of us wait outside and one-by-one we are called in.

We walk into the crowded classroom and sitting in the middle are 2 chairs; one empty, the other occupied by a representative from Ecolab pretending to be bipolar Bill, from Bill's BBQ. We have seven minutes to sell a product to the rep who can take on any one of 4 difficult selling personalities. I just so happened to get the scariest and most difficult personality of all--the DRIVER. I kept my cool though, and I was strong during the whole thing. I even laughed during my turn. But I laughed so I wouldn't cry.

It's a stressful yet worthwhile experience. I also need to mention that it is so so fun. And I won! I couldn't believe it! Winning stuff is just the greatest feeling. Ecolab brought this little baby as the prize for first place:

Hello orange iPod Nano Touch.

I Loaded it up.

So sleek.

So sexy.

It's the first sexy touch thing that I have ever owned. We'll...besides P-Man.


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