Birthday Success

So there I am, covering the space in my planner set aside for March 3, 2011 with birthday stickers. While I am doing this I yell out to Phillip asking him if he is excited for his birthday next week. He informs me that yes, he is looking forward to his birthday, but that his birthday isn't for another two weeks.

So there I am, frantically peeling stickers off of March 3, 2011 and placing them on March 11, 2011. Uh yeah, big mistake forgetting the exact date of his birthday. Won't happen again, pinky-promise.

I'm a good wife. I'm a good wife. I'm a good wife.

Moving along.
For Christmas I thought it would be convenient to just buy gifts for ourselves. Good idea? Nope. It's especially not good when my husband's "love language" is gifts. To make up for it I gave Phillip the best 24th birthday ever.


Surprise awesome shirt given the DAY before his birthday, strategically placed in his closet.

The most amazing breakfast waffles ever made the morning of his birthday.

We also went to dinner and played games with our very best friends on his birthday. I also gave him a game, Oreos, and Coca Cola.

Happy Birthday P-Man! Hope it was the greatest.

I'm a good wife. I'm a good wife. I'm a good wife.

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Caitlin said...

Love it. A nice story about your mom? Isn't that the antithesis of this blog's purpose?