Post from 10-year-old me

Today I imagined what a blog post from a 10-year-old me would look like. I don't think it would be too different from this.


I have learned a great deal over the past 10 years. I want to share the things I have learned pertaining to some of the most poignant questions that are being asked in these latter days. The question is, What smells good but tastes bad? I retort:

Imitation vanilla extract

Coconut smelling shampoo

That is al

Up Next on the Bolivian Underground:

Katlyn wears a shirt to class that I fall in love with. It has silhouettes of kittens wearing bow-ties on it. Her boyfriend tells her she can no longer wear the shirt so Katlyn hands it over to me. I wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. I will also wear it tomorrow.


Katlyn said...

1. 10 year old Stephanie wouldn't have used the words "pertaining" and "poignant."
2. Nasty catss

Stephanie said...

You don't know that.