I'm Done

The late night homework in bed coupled with late night snacks in bed--Phil is trying to break me of this awful habit.

Eye sunburns from staring at a computer screen for so long.

Weekends spent in the studio finishing a ceramic piece that has to be perfect.

Case competition meetings that last late into the night.

Saying "hi" to all the professors on the 6th floor.

Cherishing every moment of free-time as if it were my last.

Saving seats for Katlyn and Tyler in business law.

The screen in the testing center telling me I'm awesome.

I can't seem to grasp it. But I'm done. I love this feeling. It's so new that I'm not quite sure what to do with it--because I can do anything.

For the time being, I think I will prepare to spend a great deal of time here.

And then we're off. Come mid-May we will be packing up and, with smiles from ear-to-ear, jumping into our red car for a beautiful drive to our new home.

New home? What?

Yep. Please visit. I make a mean roasted tomato-basil-soup. You won't be sorry.

Up Next On the Bolivian Underground:

My mom turns 47 for the third time! She has refused to eat junk food for the past five years and has developed a habit of, how do you say this, chewing on a cookie and then spitting it out in the garbage. So, we hold a birthday party for her where she gets a gift card to Shep Studio and instead of sticking candles in cake, that she would just spit out anyway, we put her candles in her favorite food...

a raw papaya! She loved it. Really, she loved it. Happy 47thrd-ish birthday mom!

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Katlyn Bullock said...

Hahahaha, I just saw this. Thanks for saving a seat for me in business law!!