I'm a Blogger

It may not seem like it since my nearly 2 month hiatus.

But I am indeed a blogger. And here's why:

I have dozens of blog drafts that I have yet to finish in my blogger account.
I am blogging right now instead of doing homework for any of the 6 classes I am taking.
I have a crazy mother who does and says crazy things that people need to know about.
I can tell people embarrassing or funny things about myself and not care.
I can type 90+ words a minute.
I sing songs about blogging to the tunes of primary children songs to motivate said the little stream, blog oh blog, blog oh blog!
I have changed the look of my blog 4 times now.
I love the internet.
Because I say so.

From my heart to the tips of my fingers, I'm a blogger.

And I'm back.

Blog oh blog oh blog oh blog, blog oh blog away....


olivia said...

just gonna say i love this post. i feel the same sometimes. thanks for not keeping your word though and taking another somewhat hiatus so that i didn't have to do TOO much catch-up.

no, seriously i don't know how it happened that now that i have no job no school no life, but i'm more behind in blogs than i ever was when i was "busy."

anyway. i love the look and your blogging style. go girl.

Missy Johnson said...

You are one crazy Bolivian cookie.