My Love is Deep-Fried

The perfect treat is made with lots of sugar, deep fried, and then topped with more sugar. It's crispy and warm. It decorative and beautiful. It coats your heart with a sweet velvet glaze and makes all those vivid memories of dumb things your husband said while you were dating him melt away. It's called Funnel Cake. I. love. Funnel Cake. I love it so much I treat it as a proper noun and capitalize it in my spelling.

A few weeks ago we went to see the a baseball game in Colorado. We walked by concession stand and I saw there were only three things on the menu, Funnel Cakes, corn dogs, and deep fried Twinkies. I knew eventually we would fork out the $4 and buy a Funnel Cake during the game, but a deep fried Twinkie also fits the description of a perfect treat...I sat there for a moment and flirted with the idea of opting for a deep-fried Twinkie instead.

Idea: Hey baby. What's your sign?
Me: Um, I'm married...

To make a long story short Phillip wouldn't allow a deep fried Twinkie to get between us.

We walked over to a place where you could see the game and ate our Funnel Cake. There, with a powdered sugar mustache streaked with tears, I hassled Phillip about how I was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman and that we need to be adventurous, try new things, and buy deep fried things when they presented.

I was upset. I tried to get even more upset by harboring up all the memories I had of other times Phillip had made me upset (like when he wouldn't let me buy deep fried Oreos). But I just couldn't.

I could only love Him.


Caitlin said...

Such wit. Such charm. Gosh I love this post.

Anonymous said...

Did you know if you google the bolivian underground your blog comes up at the top of the list? We just commented on an old post, we think. I (like Caitlin) also think you are witty . And this post reminds me of when we were first married and Jerry wouldn't let me buy a treat at the airport because it was too expensive. I was so confused --- I thought I'm 24 and you're telling me what I can't buy??