Feeling like Buster

Last week I earned two things from various business school classes. The first, a stuffed animal version of Aragog (spider from HP) that is only sold at Harry Potter World in Universal Studies, Florida. The second is box of fresh Wheaties Fuel. The former was courtesy of the CEO of Cascade Toys for asking a first-rate question about creativity in an entrepreneurial setting . The latter was courtesy of General Mills for correctly guessing that our guest speaker was from Texas. I couldn't help but feel like Buster Bluth when I walked in the door to show Phillip my "awards" from business school.

And you know you're a winner when you feel like Buster Bluth. Can I get an amen?


Lauren and Brian Davis said...

freakin love buster!!! just told B Davis the other day that Buster is my all time favorite character. i have to go to army.

donnette perkins said...

I could not be more proud.

Caitlin said...

Amen! Also, jealous of your Aragog, and maybe embarrassed that I instantly knew it was Aragog just from the picture.