Sitting on a striped chair, doing homework, with a dog dreaming behind Me

I think she's chasing something.

She is snarling and making a high barking noise even though her mouth is shut. She is not allowed to bark when she is awake so I'll let her have her fun. I won't wake her.

She is a two year old yellow lab who failed guide dog puppy training school who (yes, who) belongs to my in-laws who are in-Washington. We are babysitting her for Thanksgiving break.

Nearby there is me, writing essays and peeking, every now and then, at the New York Times and at articles written by Julia Baird in Newsweek. The Friday of Thanksgiving break is like a Black Friday for homework. Miles and miles of homework assignments, projects, and applications all lined up, waiting at the doors of my time and energy. I'm the great deal that they will all run for when I open the doors.

Then I look down at her, cuddled between my chair and wall. She's on Thanksgiving break everyday. A dog's life, right? What people would give to be in her place. But I think a dog-lovers life is just as enjoyable.

I really should get to my homework. For now though, I'm going to keep reading articles and, every once in a while, put my hand down to calm her if she get's a little too snarly.

I won't open those door just yet.


Ginny said...

Stephy poo I miss you!

Eric Petersen said...

I would become a lab just so I would have an excuse to sleep whenever I wanted to. That would be the life!

Missy Johnson said...

I miss you girl! And I'm glad you got/like the invites. AND...I hope your blog is as AMAZING as your journal is!