Re-Post (with notes): I should be allowed to blog

I have a love/hate relationship with blogs. This isn't true anymore. I have a love/love relationship with blogs. Although, I shouldn't act so surprised. The majority of my friends in high school had blogs. People that I admire and respect also have blogs. I guess I am just afraid of the "typical" blog. I still am. I really should seek professional help for it. This and my fear of professors' descriptive analogies of cutting jugulars open--they really don't help when your goal is to NOT hyperventilate in class. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Blogs that have pages full never-ending wedding pictures Notice any pages and pages of Le wedding?, blogs that are practically used as everyday journals, and let's face it, blogs that are boring. Yeah! But don't worry, this is not one of those blogs. Or is it?

I also feel uneasy/queasy about that word, blog.

Anyway, as a new member of the blogging world I solemnly swear to:

1. Be Charming: Promise fulfilled
2. Not use too many exclamation points: Promise fulfilled
3. Post recipes of Bolivian food once in a while: Empty promise
4. Be humble: it's a process
5. Keep a general log about my latest artistic endeavors: I could do a better job at this.
6. Do whatever it takes to make this a non-typical blog: trying folks, really trying.

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Trevor said...

Stephanie, I'm glad to see you've become a regular (I guess) blogger, particularly since you're no longer in the cubicle next door.

I suggest you add two more promises when convenient (no sense making your posts look like they're updated piecemeal):

1. Never to use "tapestry" as a metaphor
2. Never to abuse the word "portray"

Keep up the good work!