Sugar Bump

Disclaimer: This post is not about Phillip (even though the title may imply it)

In sixth grade a friend of mine named Vinnie told me that the small painful bumps that emerged on my tongue every once in a while were caused from eating too much sugar, and that they were called Sugar Bumps. My critical consumer skills were not as refined back then so I believed him and, since I am not in the mood to Google the term or the condition right now, I still believe it.

Today, I have a small painful little lump on my tongue. It. Is. Painful. I have a few ideas of how this particular lump came to be:

Ever since I moved out of my house I do my own grocery shopping and I am a budget grocery shopper. I try not to spend money on candies or good tasting fatty things that only cause temporary happiness. Every time I walk by the peanut butter isle, though, I cannot help but eyeball the Nutella jars. A small yellow sticker tells me that they are $3.49. A small voice in my head tells me to move on. I usually do. But last week I decided that I am no longer under my parents jurisdiction and that my money is my money and if I want nutella for breakfast for the next two weeks then I can have it.

This may be the cause of the sugar bump.

It could also be THIS website that I browse on a daily basis. The pictures are pretty potent and the recipes are remarkable. I am browsing this website more often than not. The potency might be a little much.

This could also be the cause of my sugar bump.

And, last but not least, I have been spending a lot of time with Phillip and he has really been so kind and so (here it comes) sweet. He is such a gentleman. I truly believe that his kindness and generosity could have caused my body to think that I was literally consuming sugar. He has also been making homemade ice-cream everyday since February.

That could be the cause of my sugar bump.


lyn. said...

Thanks for putting your blog address on Facebook!!

I'm positive that Vinnie is right, because as I was reading your post, I found one big Sugar Bump on my tongue, and wouldn't you know it, I have eaten way more sugar than normal the last two days! But, I like thinking that yours came about because of Phillip...

Matt said...

I was really enjoying this post til the end because, for some reason, I almost threw up on myself. Good luck with the sugar lumps in your mouth! :)

Anonymous said...

Uh... actually that is about Phillip, I would say.

Becca said...

Stephanie! I would feel like such a stalker if I didn't comment. haha. Here's a list for you:

1. You are engaged.
2. overjoyed..!
3. discovered your blog
4. read, read, read
5. loved it.

I think I will check it more often. And I love lists. It drives James crazy sometimes. :o)