An Old Email

A sweet little boy who stole the hearts of my family's neighborhood passed away a few weeks ago. An old folder in my email box held this email that I wrote back in 2005. I'm glad it was still there. I was babysitting Brigham Reneer for my good friend Julie. I emailed this experience to a good friend who was far away at the time. When people ask me the most beautiful things I have seen or experienced in my life this is always the first thing I tell them.

I was babysitting Brigham who is 9 or 10 years old. He has hunters syndrome. He is the most remarkable most loving little boy I have ever met. Some things he did today really touched me. He was jumping on the trampoline while I was sitting in the green grass with his baby sister. He wanted their dog (Olive) to jump onto the trampoline with him. Olive is a BIG dog and looks like a pit-bull type mix. She looks like a big mean guard dog. Anyway, he kept calling her and calling her until finally she just jumped on the trampoline, and started to play with him. There he was, this fearless little boy on the trampoline with this huge dog, just playing and laughing. It was the most beautiful thing. It doesn't seem all that amazing, but for some reason it was. Maybe its just me.


JamesnMeagan said...

That's neat that you knew him. His Aunt gave a talk in my sacrament meeting on Sunday and told us all about this awesome little boy.

argie hoskins shumway said...

Dear "whoever you are" THANK YOU! I am Brigham's Grandma Argie. Yes, he is an amazing person and I miss him dearly. You will find more about Brigham on my blog.

Argie Hoskins: Argie Hoskins' Grandson Brigham James Reneer

I will keep his memory alive.

Thank you and blessings from Argie