I don't have to go running because I can just watch 30 Rock

I don't have to go running because I can just watch 30 Rock.

Not sure how it happened. Yesterday I wanted to go running outside because it was warm and sunny. Instead of exercising I just laid on my bed and watched episodes of 30 Rock THAT I HAD ALREADY SEEN for about 40 minutes. After, I felt just as refreshed and skinny as if I had gone running for 3 miles.

Side note. I noticed Tina Fey's character wearing Dansko's. This solidifies my need/want for them. If she can wear them and be cool and funny, so can I. Also, we are naming one of our girls after Tina Fey. Tina-Fey Manwaring. Yep. I just dibbsed that name.


Becca said...

love 30 Rock.

it does give you that refeshed feeling, doesn't it?

good thing you "dibbsed" that name. I bet a lot of other people wanted it.

Stephanie said...

I made a goal to try and watch 30 rock at least 3 times a week for thirty minutes.

Yes Becca, it is that refreshing.

Kjirsten Brynn said...

Haha I think maybe I'll try that today. I walked home in the brilliant sunshine and

And then I got home and ate chocolate (DARK!) with almonds. I feel pretty good about myself.

Amanda said...

i'm so mad that there haven't been any new episodes of 30 rock for like, 3 weeks? lame