Saver Day

Here is what I wrote in response to a prompt in my English class: Should we keep or cancel labor day?

Do you know what fiestaware is? For your information household plates and cups reached their zenith with the introduction of fiestaware. The price of dinnerware also reached its zenith with fiestaware. Ivory, turquoise, scarlet, 6 lunch plates, 3 cereal bowls, 3 mugs and a butter tray (with a little lid) were all mine because of Labor Day and for half the cost. Do you know what I am going to do on Labor Day? Labor. In the kitchen (and do a lot of accounting homework but that is beyond the point). It's a BBQ fest for Phillip and me and guess what we are going to eat on? Guess how much what were are going to eat on cost?

Should we keep or cancel labor day? Circle one. I circled keep.

Now I am writing because we haven't been told to stop yet and I am done writing.

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