Married 451 Sec 2

Now that I am an experienced wife I would like to share some thoughts (or more correctly, Phillip's thoughts). You see, when you get married you really begin to understand the feelings and emotions of your companion far deeper and more accurately than what they may actually being saying or feeling.

The other day Phillip looked at the microwave and then asked me if I would like my enchilada warmed up in the toaster. Now, replace the word "toaster" with "microwave," and there is Phillip's real thought. See? This is a simple example. They get more complex as the day's tiredness/stress/hunger goes on.

When Phillip asks me what's wrong and I drop my head and say, "Nothing," what I really mean is, "Everything. Nothing in this world could be more wrong than it is now and I want to punch. A lot." He knows I mean the latter now when the former is said. Marriage will do this to you.

The reason I bring this up is because the other day Phillip said something but really meant something reflective. We were eating a late night snack when he said, "Wow, you are wearing my t-shirt that is way too big for you AND you are eating an entire banana cream pie from the pie pan." What he really meant was this recreated sentence coupled with its respective feelings:

Replace the phrase, "you are wearing my shirt that is way too big for you," with "I can't believe we are finally married!" Replace the phrase "and you are eating an entire banana cream pie" with "I am so lucky to have someone like you." Lastly, replace "from the pie pan" with "and I love you."

So kind he is, really.

There is a lot to learn in marriage, especially perfect ESP.


Becca said...

haha. I could not stop laughing. this is amazingly true. 2.5 years later, we are still figuring some of these ESP moments out. It's all good though. It's part of the adventure. :o)

The Amazing Spider-Fan said...

I thought this started out with "Now that I am an expecting wife" and I was all, "no way!" But it didn't. So I'm not all, "no way!". I'm all "word".

Stephanie said...

Oh Rob, you would.

kwistin said...

Oh, Stephanie. This makes me happy. I miss you :)

...and I'm glad things are going so well, and that you and Phil have developed perfect ESP. I now know what to look for....