To The Root

Today I decided to rid my apartment of anything that might cause allergies.

Today I vacuumed all corners, crannies, carpets, and even our couches. I wiped down all counters, cabinets, and cupboards. My comforter and pillow cases were washed in an extra hot cycle (as were my sheets and duvet cover but I want to keep this "C" thing going). My apartment is clean. Everything was either sucked up or practically boiled until it was pure again. I mopped the kitchen floor twice. I scrubbed the entertainment system. I even attached the extra long extension to the vacuum head and saw the gray wispy lumps that were clinging to the carpet underneath the couch disappear into the loud drum. Now I am sitting on my crisp bed, basking in clean air of my room, and I just sneezed...

Will the suffering ever end! I have had allergies my entire life. I have been able to tolerate them--to an extent. Allergies can be good sometimes (i.e. getting a semi-attractive or intelligent member of the opposite sex to bless you, or comment on the adorable squeak you just made and the subtle spasm of your entire body). They can also be very bad (i.e. two small sneezes is a row is delightful, sixteen consecutive violent sneezes is frightful).

Allergies can also ruin trips to the Boboli Gardens, a good night's sleep, and anniversary bike rides.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, poor allergic Stephanie.