Lists: A Release

Four years ago a good friend of mine started to post his feelings in list form. I thought it was odd at first, but then I go into lists myself. Then I watched High Fidelity (now one of my favorite movies) and fell in love with lists. Lists are so helpful in recognizing or organizing thoughts and feelings. Lists tell me things. I'm not quite sure if this is the most excellent way to conduct myself but when I meet people I ask them about their lists. Top 5 favorite songs? The last 3 things you bought for no reason? Top 3 fears? Favorite movies? 5 favorite memories? Favorite colors? Favorite smells? Can I see your iPod? Looking at somebody's iPod is a perfectly good way to get to know them. It's like a mega list. The list of all lists.

Sometimes I'll write lists about people, myself, or things and find my real feelings in my lists; 3 things I love about Josh, 5 places I would want to go with Donnette, best birthday parties, top 3 things I never want to want, places I would want to live, Top 5 songs that describe you, Bands I want to see with Steve, Art pieces I would touch even if it meant getting in a lot of trouble if I were to be caught. The more detailed they get, the better.

Writing lists is comforting. I could write lists about anything and everything.

Here is my favorite list from High Fidelity. I don't own this movie. I haven't found it edited yet. If anybody has any ideas of where I could find a clean copy, please share!

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Evie said...

I found you Boo!

Guess what?! I Love High Fidelity
and Lists.