I need: A List

I need:

1. A plane ticket to Bolivia
2. A cover letter for an Internship
3. More cake, my life does not have enough cake
4. To accept that my birthday is close to Christmas and as much as I tell myself that it does not make a difference and that it isn't that bad, it is really that bad and I will always recieve birthday presents in Christmas paper and my birthday will never be as good as a June birthday or May birthday.
5. Time to study for Econ 110
6. Outfits that do not require heavy wool coats (thank you Mr. Sun)
7. A proper funeral for the winter
8. To find a nice aparment with a pool for this summer
9. Breakfast
10. More romantic dates (a girl can dream can't she!)

1 comment:

Amanda Barrett said...

Your list sounds so good! How about you come up to Salt Lake, we can go out to dinner to celebrate the death of winter, and then go shopping so you can find an outfit that doesn't require a wool coat??