All Grown Up*

There comes a time in everybody's life when you know you are no longer a child. It's an awkward time. It usually happens once a month and takes great deal of getting used to. It can be embarrassing as well. Some people are comfortable enough and talk about it openly or even joke about it. Others keep the information to themselves. Either way, when it comes there is an assurance. Assurance that you are indeed a responsible woman. I think you know what I'm talking about. Don't pretend like you are oblivious to what it is and who it effects. That's right, RENT. It just has to be paid. I'm paying my last rent check this August. Celebration!

Now to some recent events.

There comes a time in everybody's life when you know you are no longer a child. It's an awkward time. For me, it was frightening. I knew it had to come some day, though. I knew there would be a few days of blood and a few days of pain. Worst of all is it cannot be hidden. The bloating and discomfort. Mostly the bloating. That's right, you know exactly what I'm talking about--wisdom teeth removal. I got mine out this morning and I am doing exceptionally well! No pain, lots of swelling. And the anesthesia--what a blessing

I would recommend the procedure to anybody. I went in, fell asleep, woke after what seemed like five minutes to my fiance and a nice nurse lady. After a 30 minutes of grunting, telling Phil that I hated him, doing my best Abraham Lincoln impression, and asking him to sing some songs for me (3 times I asked) I finally came to. The nurse and Phillip helped me to the car kindly reminding me to keep my eyes open with each drawn-out step. Soon I was home: completely numb, and completely comfortable.

On a scale of one to wonderful I would rate this day as 'Suprisingly Good.'

*This post was written under the influence of a large amount of delectable painkillers. I will therefore take no responsibility for any misspellings, grammar errors, or anything offensive and inappropriate that may have been written in this post. Thanks for reading.


Fe said...

LOL I'm glad it went well for you! I didn't have any problems either, but I sure worried about it before with all the horror stories everyone told me. :)

Saralitazie said...

oh crack me up.